Deby & Co:

Deby & Co is built on the knowledge of Michel Deby in ballistics accumulated over nearly 20 years. Indeed, Liege is the capital of gunmaker and Michel Deby is recognized as one of the best specialist in the world for ballistic equipments.

The mission is simple: Provides instruments and software to the ammunition industry to achieve a level of quality that has never been achieved before.

We focus on the measurement of chamber pressure in barrels and bullet/projectile velocity according to CIP (Commission Internationale Permanente) decisions, to NATO and SAAMI  standards. Further we help proof-houses to receive their ISO 17025 accreditation following rules of the industry in general. The fact is that the customers of our customers (the ammunition users) have today very high demands in terms of quality. We help these users to find factories and reference laboratories able to meet these requirements.

We are proud to announce that our systems and procedures are the reference in France and used by world’s leading cartridges manufacturers.

Our main reference is the Sofisport group, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, producer of shotshell ammunition in the world with several factories throughout Europe.

Our products:

* Lothar Walther test barrels
* Universal receivers
* CIP/Nato Epvat/Saami Ballistic software
* Laserblade velocity barriers based on innovative laser technologies
* Stand-alone Velocity timers
* Kistler transducers and charge amplifiers
* National Instruments data acquisition electronics

Michel Deby’s bio:

It has been five generations Deby’s name is attached to weapons and ammunition in one way or another.

Michel Deby holds a Master degree in Physics Engineering as well as a post-grad. in international commerce from Solvay Business School, he worked a few years in Sweden for the world famous ABB company on advanced robots control systems and later designed testing solutions on medical equipment for the US company GE Healthcare. He later wrote a number of studies on sensors and flexible manufacturing for the European Commission and Frost & Sullivan / London.

Since 1994 he brings his knowledge into the ammunition industry. He is member of the Belgian delegation to the C.I.P. (Commission Internationale Permanente) in which he participates actively to different technical sub-commissions responsible for the drafting of texts regulating the control of firearms and ammunition in 15 countries mainly European.

Want to contact him personnally ?
Email : mdeby@debyco.com

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